About Us

Founder's Story

Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you to Dear by Renée® Advanced Clinical Skin Care.

Like most people, I became involved in skin care at a young age. Without the proper guidance to select the right products, my skin suffered the trial and error of standard beauty products. After a few years of experiencing no relief, my skin actually began to become very sensitive and redness started to develop all over my face. I tried to apply makeup to cover the redness, but this only made my skin condition worse, such as getting lots of breakouts. I began to lose confidence in the appearance of my skin. The standard cosmetic products had let me down, and I was frustrated. It took me over 5 years before I could find anything that worked.

One day, a dermatologist friend of mine suggested that I should try clinical-grade skin care products instead. I followed her advice. In just about a few weeks, I started to see amazing improvements in my skin. The redness was much better, and my skin was no longer as sensitive as before. I was able to gradually decrease my makeup usage. After a couple of months of using those clinical skin care products, my breakouts had disappeared. Day after day, I noticed my skin became smoother and brightener than before. Now I am no longer self-conscious, and it gives me the confidence to show off to my friends how great my healthy skin is.  

Since then, I became passionate about professional skin care. After many years of research and based on years of my spa experience dealing with customer needs, I launched Dear by Renée® Advanced Clinical Skin Care line, aiming to improve skin health with the most advanced but simple and quick skincare solutions with clinical backings.

    Who We Are

    Founded in Los Angeles, Dear by Renée® aims to provide the most professional but convenient skincare solution for our customers. Based on years of experience in the skincare industry, Dear by Renée® products contains naturally-derived ingredients, combined with the latest in advanced dermatology technologies to provide amazing skin improvements with clinical backings in four weeks. Dear by Renée® products are also loved by many celebrities, bloggers, magazines, and media. For more information, please visit our PRESS page.            

    What We Use

    • Simple and quick skincare solutions to achieve your skin care goals
    • Safe and proven formulas with clinical backings
    • High concentration of naturally-derived active ingredients at effective levels to repair targeted skin cells while protecting against future damage
    • Latest advanced dermatology technologies for deeper penetration into the skin
    • Airless bottles to ensure lasting efficacy
    • Cruelty-free ingredients
    • Purifying water from Vancouver

    What We Avoid

    Dear by Renée® is not only a member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Organization but also a member of Cosmetics Alliance Canada, only providing safe skin care products to our customers. Dear by Renée® products are:

    • Free of Mineral Oil
    • Free of Petrolatum
    • Free of Parabens
    • Free of Hydroquinone
    • Free of Benzoyl Peroxide
    • Free of SD Alcohol 40
    • Free of Artificial Fragrance
    • Free of Phthalates
    • Free of Sulfates
    • Free of Synthetic Dyes
    • Free of Soap
    • Free of Plastic Exfoliating Beads

    Why Choose Us

    At Dear by Renée®, our dermatologists have developed a simple and easy skin analysis for you with the right product recommendations. All you need to do is to follow along. As an added bonus, our professional skin therapists are here to help you along the way with any questions and concerns. The following table also shows a comparison of three skincare product levels in the whole beauty industry, which gives our customers an idea why choose us.


    Clinical Grade

    Dear by Renée® Advanced Clinical Skin Care




    Highly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Usually sold by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, in clinics, medi-spas, and spas.

    Combination of cosmetics and clinical grade products. By adding biologically active ingredients purporting to have clinical benefits. Usually sold by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, in clinics, medi-spas, and spas.

    Products that you see at major retail stores in shopping malls. They usually have gorgeous packaging and are endorsed by paid celebrities.

    Backed up Through Scientific Studies




    Concentration of Active Ingredients




    Penetrate the Skin Barrier

    Yes, penetrate through the Epidermis, and all the way to the Dermis

    Yes, penetrate through the Epidermis, and all the way to the Dermis

    No, only sit on the surface of the skin

    Ingredients Quality Evaluation

    Safest and best quality, avoiding the use of irritants and harmful ingredients

    Safer and better quality, avoiding the use of irritants and harmful ingredients

    Packed with many fillers, parabens, dyes, fragrance, and preservatives

    Therapeutic Change in the Skin





    Most effective and most powerful

    Effective and powerful

    No, only work superficially

    Product Packaging

    Simple packaging. You pay most for what’s inside the bottle, not packaging

    Simple packaging. You pay most for what’s inside the bottle, not packaging

    You pay most for fancy bottles, jars, boxes, and celebrity endorsements

    Recommended by Skin Care Professionals

    Highly Recommended


    Not Recommended

    Worth of Purchase

    Yes Yes No