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"Dear by Renée is by far one of the most exceptional skincare lines out there for sensitive skin. It's effective but gentle enough for all skin types looking to keep their skin youthful." 

- Celebrity Skincare Expert Liz Kennedy

Liz Kennedy is a NYC-based Celebrity Esthetician and TV Host/On Air Beauty Expert frequently seen on NY Live, CBS, KTLA, The Jam, FOX 5, Steve Harvey and more.


 (* Please note individual results may vary. )

 (* Please note individual results may vary. )

 (* Please note individual results may vary. )

 (* Please note individual results may vary. )

Some customers' stories and before-after pictures:

 "I am 58 year old woman. I have deep forehead lines, uneven pigment, rough skin texture and a tired, older look to my skin. I had tried innumerable physician dispensed and department store skin care products but no improvement. After using the age reverse system, I notice the lessening in appearance of forehead lines, improved skin texture and evening of skin tone. I also recommended the system to lots of my friends and they also enjoy it." *

 "I had a more than 30 year history of facial sensitivity, uneven tone and roughness. I had been treated by multiple dermatologists and used topical steroids, topical and oral antibiotics and other rosacea therapies all but not working. I was using a non-chemical SPF 40 in the morning and 40% Zinc Oxide paste at bedtime. After a few weeks using 7-in-1 Rejuvenator, red blotches and scaling are reduced. The texture is also improved. I love the product so much and will continue to use it. P.S. I am a 54 year old man." *

 "I was using a $500 skincare regimen before for my uneven pigment and redness, skin dullness, and lines around my eyes. I didn't see too much change on my skin. After using Dear by Renee Age Reverse System, I couldn't even see my brown spots and my skin is not that red anymore. I got a smoother skin texture and less crow's feet. I highly recommended this system to everyone. It also saved me lots of money. " *

 "I am 75 year old woman. I have deep nasolabial folds, poor skin texture, and some acne scarring as the residual of my teenage and adult acne. After using the whole line of Dear by Renee products, my skin is smoother and cheek acne scars are lessend, and also my nasolabial folds are lessened too." *

 "I had tried various complicated skin care routines with many steps in order to resolve my redness, bumpy texture, uneven pigment and fine lines, but end with no improvement. I am 37 year old woman. My dermatologist recommended me the age reverse system to use. After 4 weeks, my redness is improved, skin is smoother and a more even skin tone. I am very happy with products and save me lots of time on my skin care routine now." *

 "I am 70 year old woman. My skin is flaky, red, rough, and with keratosis from my physical exam. After a few weeks of using the products, the size of the cheek keratosis is reduced, also under-eye discoloration is fading. I never expected such great results before. I will continue to use them and recommend to my friends and family." *

* Please note individual results may vary.

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